A square heeled edge over the rest

Made in NZ
‘Made in New Zealand’ carries great weight both locally and internationally. Reinforce your New Zealand made message with a New Zealand made bottle to match.

Continuous Improvement
O-I New Zealand is committed to continual improvement through investment in our manufacturing plant, quality controls and wine bottle production capabilities.

First Impressions
Packaging has a big influence on customer purchase decisions. The Premier’s elegant square heel silhouette combined with the ability to carry larger, more visible labelling gives your product an advantage
over competitors.

A Passion for Innovation
An unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous improvements in quality, technology and customer centricity means ever-improving solutions for you. O-I’s new moulds and thermal optimum cooling formations reduce sink/bulge, minimising label application issues.




Filled with R=Red W=White


Local glass for a local glass

We love glass
It starts life as sand, goes through fire and becomes a natural, beautiful material that safeguards your drink and is kind to the environment.

100% recyclable
The Premier Collection bottles are made from 100% recyclable glass, allowing a continuous cycle of use from the same material. Since 1973 O-I New Zealand has recycled nearly 1.9 million tonnes of glass.

Environmentally Responsible
O-I New Zealand is the country’s largest user of recycled glass and when it comes to recycling, the benefits are clear — glass is 100% infinitely recyclable, using it reduces the amount of virgin raw materials required and less energy is used to produce it.

The Premier Collection



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