Consumer Perception

How consumers view glass packaging in the marketplace

The Consumer Perception of Glass

The importance of what our customers think about glass and how it should be used drives our business focus and innovation agenda. O-I uses number of initiatives to ensure our customer information is relevant and up to date including:

  • Our supply chain team collaborate with the O-I NZ Sales and Marketing team to better understand what our customers need
  • On demand we run tours for our customers at our O-I NZ facility to give them first hand insight into cullet as our major raw material
  • We visit customer teams, make presentations and answer questions about the industry and processes
  • We work with the O-I quality assurance team to communicate the work undertaken in glass recovery
  • We work with local council and the commercial sector in communities where our customers are based and around New Zealand to improve or maximise 'glass back to furnace' opportunities.


Percentage of people who prefer glass packaging

O-I conducted research into customer perception. Results show a strong consumer preference towards glass as their packaging of choice.