Careers at O-I

Discover how every day can be an opportunity to make a difference

When you join the O-I team, you’ll have an opportunity to make a difference every day while you grow your career. You’ll be working for the world’s largest glass-packaging company, which makes natural, recyclable, reusable glass containers for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Job Openings in New Zealand


We are an Industry Training Organisation

O-I New Zealand operates its own PTE [Private Training Establishment] as Milestone Centre. The Milestone Centre is a NZQA category 1 Provider. The Milestone offers qualifications up to Level 5 in Glass Container Manufacturing, and Engineering  plus Competitive or supportive Skills Training in partnership with Competenz.

We offer an apprenticeship program

O-I New Zealand has had an apprentice program for more than 15 years. The four-year program currently has 12 apprentices, who receive on–the-job and classroom training that covers all aspects of glass making.

The program also includes a New Zealand Qualifications Authority qualification in either mechanical engineering or glass manufacturing. The classroom training is held onsite at the plant’s training centre, which has fully operational forming machines. The apprentices rotate through various positions within the plant to ensure they learn all aspects of glass manufacturing.

We have on-site training facility: ‘Milestone Centre’

The Milestone Centre supports ongoing training for all employees on site – this could be practical based, self-paced  or online learning training.

Journey to Zero

In 2009, we set a safety goal of achieving zero injuries in the workplace by 2017.

O-I is on a journey to improve health and safety and ensure compliance with environment, health and safety regulations around the world.

In recent years, we’ve transitioned from correcting workplace hazards and optimising processes, to helping prevent incidents from happening in the first place.