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With 79 plants in 23 countries, O-I is the only truly global maker of glass packaging

Global Glass Leader

As the world’s leading glass container manufacturer, O-I has more than a century of experience crafting pure, sustainable, brand-building glass packaging for many of the world’s best-known food and beverage brands. We are proud to provide high quality glass packaging for beer, wine, spirits, food, non-alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. We also produce beautiful tableware and stemware for household use.

Our global reach

With an unparalleled impact spanning 79 plants in 23 countries, O-I is the only truly global maker of glass packaging.


Our founder, Michael J. Owens, invented the automatic bottle-making machine, which became the foundation for today's glassmaking industry. Our rich history of innovation, unparalleled expertise and global reach make O-I the world's leader in glass packaging.

As the world's leading glass-packaging maker, we create beautiful, recyclable glass containers for many of the best-loved brands.

Here's a snapshot of the global influence of our company.

Company Facts
  • Founded in 1903 as Owens Bottle Company
  • Merged with Illinois Glass Company in 1929 to become Owens-Illinois, Inc.
  • Worldwide headquarters: Perrysburg, Ohio, USA
  • $6.8 billion in net sales in 2014
  • 77 plants in 21 countries
  • Joint ventures in China, Italy, Malaysia, the United States and Vietnam
  • 21,100-plus employees worldwide
  • 1,900-plus worldwide patents
  • 49,000-plus customers in 86 countries
  • 10,000-plus product offerings
  • 600-plus new product solutions launched each year
  • More post-consumer glass - 4.5 million tonnes - used than any other glass-container maker
Glass is life

Our belief in glass is so strong that we started a movement to transform the way people think and feel about glass-- Glass Is Life™. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have been inspired to celebrate the benefits of glass including taste, health, quality, brand-building potential, and sustainability.

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