Environmental Fund: Case Studies

Check out some of our Environmental Fund Case Studies from New Zealand Schools

Encouraging environmental education

The O-I New Zealand Environmental Fund is focused on supporting schools in undertaking practical environmental studies, rather than promoting environmental ideals. There is no issue or area that is specifically excluded. Past projects have included studies on topics such as marine environments; the impact of farming, industry and recreation on waterways and lakes; investigations into alternative energies; monitoring and eradication of pests and noxious weeds; and the creation of native bush corridors for birds and animals.


A local environmental focus

Many of the projects are centred on an issue local to a school. For instance, there may be a stream, river or body of water nearby worthy of study or restoration. The school may be close to a wetland area or have identified an opportunity to extend a regional “green corridor.” The project may be age specific and act as an introduction or exposure to an environmental issue or opportunity.  For instance, worm farming and establishment of native gardens are frequent entry-level projects for early childhood development or primary level students.


Marine Reserve

Whakatane High School – Comparative Marine Study Project

The Challenge: To determine the effectiveness of marine reserve policy.

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Sustainable Spaces

Hukunui Primary School – The Living Room Project

The Challenge: To plan, design and build an eco-classroom that was not only ecologically sound but would also function as a working laboratory for students.

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Dune Dilemmas

Wellesley College, Eastbourne – Days Bay Sand Dune Restoration Project

The Challenge: To restore the sand dunes in front of Wellesley College.

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Marine Ecosystems

Otago Girls High School – Undaria Study

The Challenge: To establish the impact of Undaria on the marine ecosystem.

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Marine Reserve

Kamo High School – Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve Proposal

The Challenge: To establish a marine reserve in Whangarei Harbour.

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