Make your brand more impressive

Your product is unique. But how can you make it stand out in a crowded market?

O-I black glass 330ml longneck bottle with crown seal finish is NOW AVAILABLE. Supplying your product in this stylish, sophisticated black glass bottle has many benefits over other coloured glass bottles and drink containers.

Supplying your product in black glass can give your brand an even greater chance of success.
The colour black and the benefits of glass create a powerful combination that increases standout as well as consumer perception of quality.
First Impressions

Packaging is a major influencer when it comes to consumers choosing which product to buy. Glass bottles are favoured by purchasers, with 80% of beer drinkers preferring glass bottles (GFK Research).

Glass has Class

Black glass conveys a superior image at every step of the way. On the shelf, black glass bottles stand out, signalling premium quality. In the hand, a black glass bottle looks sophisticated. And to the taste, the drink feels cooler and tastes great straight from a black glass bottle.

A Matter of Taste

Research has shown that drinkers believe that beer tastes better in glass. For a number of reasons, this belief is more than just a perception:

  • Black glass offers even higher UV protection than Amber Glass.
  • Black glass is impermeable and highly inert, making it a natural shield from outside elements.
  • Black glass does not rust, corrode, leach, or require a chemical liner.
O-I Builds Kiwi Brands

As New Zealand’s biggest glass manufacturer, O-I understands how to use this natural, much-loved material to elevate your brand’s unique identity. The beauty of black glass is that it gives you the opportunity to reinforce your drinks brand with unique design touches.

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