Approach and Strategy

Our sustainability strategy focuses on four areas where we believe we can make the most impact

Sustainability at O-I means a pure product; a company culture of respect and integrity; ensuring a workplace where employees are valued; engaging with our communities across the globe; and providing hundreds of millions of people worldwide with safe and healthy glass packaging.

In 2007, we began formulating our sustainability strategy focused on the four areas where we believed we could make the most impact – energy, emissions, cullet (recycled glass) and workplace safety. Our current sustainability goals evolved from that work.

Our goals

In 2010 O-I set the goal of achieving these targets by 2017. This move was designed to drive breakthrough thinking and make progress towards a the next phase in the sustainability journey. By 2014 considerable progress has been made towards these goals including:

  • 12% energy reduction per container
  • 14% reduction in CO2 emissions per container
  • Average of 38% of cullet (recycled glass) used
  • Safety performance improved by 33%

To date O-I has achieved considerable momentum globally, already.

  • Three plants demonstrated more than 50% energy reduction - of which one plant achieved 61%
  • Two plants demonstrated more than 65% emissions reductions - of which one plant operated at 75% less
  • 15 plants demonstrated more than 60% cullet use (highest 80%)
  • 15 plants demonstrated zero injuries in the workplace